new windows and siding for old home

Project Type: Replacement Windows, Siding and Shutters

Time to Complete Project: A little over 1 week

Location: Staley, NC

Ya’ll will not believe the difference new windows and siding have made for this home! The transformation is amazing!

old house needing new windows and siding

Windows Replaced First

This house had the original wood windows with the weights in the walls, single pane glass and not very energy efficient.  Some of the windows would not open and others were open a couple inches but would not close or lock shut. The old wooden windows were removed and our crew installed new vinyl replacement windows.  These new windows are double-hung with low e and argon gas. They meet all the energy star requirements and can really help to reduce the amount of air escaping from your home or coming in. This in turn leads to lower power bills!

The new windows have a half screen and poly foam wrapped frames to insulate the entire window in the opening.  Both sashes tilt-in to making them easier to clean. All of the replacement windows were installed by our crew from the outside of the home and PVC trim was installed to properly seal and finish the exterior.  This PVC does not need painting and is totally maintenance free. The go to window for this home was the Grand Estates Window from Simonton Window Company. A total of 21 windows were replaced in this house.  The windows took one day to install and was completed prior to starting the vinyl siding.

Siding Replaced Second

The vinyl siding was a double 5” dutch-lap siding made by Royal Building Products with a house wrap installed first..  The color installed on this house is Wicker.  All soffits and fascia boards were covered with vinyl soffit that was white in color.  New fascia boards were installed prior to wrapping the fascia due to some wood rot issues.  The siding took about 7 ½ days to complete.  As with many older homes, some prep had to be done to the walls before the siding could be installed.  Quite a bit of rotten wood and trim needed to be replaced prior to installation.

Lastly Shutters are Added

After completion of the windows and siding we installed eight sets of shutters.  The shutters are black with a raised panel design.  This home turned out beautiful and the homeowners love the new look.  They are saving for a new roof now.

new windows and siding for old home

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