Shingles are by far the most popular type of roof covering.  We offer a complete line of energy efficient shingles in many different looks to fit your needs.  We can do a complete tear-off to check for any rotten wood underneath those old shingles.  We can install the traditional felt paper of go back with the new and improved ice shield as a vapor barrier.  By installing a new roof along with your siding and windows, you will virtually have a new house.

Shingle Colors

Metal Roofs

Did you know…….. Metal roofing is a durable, weather-resistant roofing solution for agricultural and residential projects. The panels not only provide excellent protection against the elements and increase the life cycle of your roof but they lower the need for maintenance on your roof. AG Panels are a cost effective, high performance metal roofing system.

When properly installed, a metal roofing system will withstand inclement weather (high winds, hail, snow and rain) better than any other roofing material. Metal easily sheds snow and ice and does not absorb water which can lead to cracking and rotting in the freeze-thaw cycling in other roofing materials.

Here are the color choices for Metal roofs.

metal roof colors