live debt free


Our country, along with millions of people living in this country, are in debt. Maybe it’s because people want what they want when they want it or maybe it’s because they had a true need for something and had to take out a loan. No matter the reason, debt is bad.

Debt destroys lives every day. People lose their homes because their debts get out of hand and they can’t afford to pay them. Not only do people lose their homes, but debt also causes people to live a life they wouldn’t want to live. Are you wondering what I mean by that? Well let me clarify. Millions of people are working in a job that they hate going to because they have bills to pay. Part of those bills, if not the majority, are due to debt. Debt on a house, debt on a car, debt on furniture, debt on credit cards, etc. You know what I’m talking about.

Well debt is something our family doesn’t believe in. We believe that you shouldn’t get something unless you can pay cash for it. Now I know there are some exceptions to the rule when you need, say a car to get to a job. But you don’t have to have the most expensive car, you just choose too. You could always buy a cheap beater of a car to get you to and from work while you save up money to pay cash for a car. You know what I’m saying?


live debt free

15 years ago, maybe longer, I heard of Dave Ramsey and I started living on the Dave Ramsey plan. When Tory and I met, we both started doing the plan together. Together we paid off A TON OF DEBT. Together we’ve learned to live on less then we make and to pay cash for things. We full heartedly believe debt is a bad thing and causes so much grief to people’s lives, that this is the reason WE DO NOT OFFER FINANCING.  You, our customers, are like our family and we want what is best for you. We don’t want you taking out a loan to replace your roof, siding or windows. We want you to be able to pay for it out of pocket and not finance it. So, we don’t offer financing and have no plans to anytime in the near future. In all honesty, we rarely take a credit card. Therefore, we keep our prices low! Sure, we could charge more. We’re good at what we do, we have a ton of experience and we have the best customers in the world who give us glowing reviews. With that said though, we don’t want to be the highest priced company. We want to be the most affordable company so our customers can pay cash and not have to worry about paying on their new home renovations for years. We want you to be able to enjoy it from the moment it’s finished until forever with no worries about how you’ll pay for it.

We want what’s best for you and your home because your family! With that said, thank you to all of our customers who have chosen us for your home renovation projects. We truly are grateful to you and appreciate your business.




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